Zero Waste – a dream?


My dream would be able to produce ‘zero waste’. Unfortunately I think it will be impossible for us since we live in Oulu, Finland. There are very limited number of shops where you would be able to buy non-packaged food items and due to the northern climate we will be also unable have a continuous supply of home grown veggies and fruits. Luckily we are living for the summer in Barcelona due to my partner is doing a summer internship here. Perfect opportunity to try to reduce our waste!

In this blog I will follow up the reduction of waste in our household, which includes me, my partner and six months of old baby, give our tips on reuse-recycle and take photos each week of our waste. Weekends we usually travel and sleep in our van. It is a challenge to have enough food and drink in addition to keep it cool when temperature inside the van could be +40 degrees celsius. But I will return to the #vanlife – subject in more detail later.