Reusable nappies

When we found out that I was pregnant we has no hesitation about what kind of nappies we will be buying – reusable nappies. Learning about reusable nappies was a steep learning curve. My close friend and internet were my best teachers.

First time we used the usable nappies in the hospital. Now our baby is six months old and we have used about 60 disposable Pampers and Muumi-nappies in his lifetime. By the way Muumi-nappies are produced in Finland in a family owned company, so that is why we have used them. Pampers and all other disposable nappies, which we got as a gift I gave away.

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To be honest I have turned into a passionate reusable nappy promoter, buyer and user. I even joined the Kestovaippayhdistys. Through my interests I learned that using disposable nappies you produce about 1.5 tonnes of waste per child (newborn to 2.5 year old). In Finland mixed waste is burned but this does not diminish the amount of resources and fumes produced. Some fathers have been especially interested of the money saved, especially for a newborn when you could be changing nappies every five minutes.

I have bought most of our nappies used, which has saved us a lot of money. Let alone how much money we will be saving by using these nappies to our next children. In our household my partner is in charge of the laundry operations and also of most of the nappy changing, when he is at home. I am very lucky!

When we drove across the Europe we brought along the reusable nappies, but used disposable ones on our week long trip. It would have been impossible to storage used nappies for a whole week.

We brought with us around 40 nappies, since we wanted to bring variety of sizes and brands to our trip. Baby will be growing from four months old baby to a eight month oldĀ one during our European adventure. I was quit convinced that I would not be able to find any reusable nappies in Barcelona, but I was wrong! I was able to find a shop called De Tela in Gracia, which I did buy few Blueberry Capri covers and Finnish Woolhour pants. Highly recommended!