Bye Bye Barcelona

After three months in Barcelona we are heading in couple of days for a month long adventure in Europe. Along the way we will be meeting few friends. Our final destination will be Oulu, Finland in the beginning of September. Lovely to go on our first family holiday, but also looking forward being back in our own home and at work.

The route is: Olot-Andorra-Bordeaux-Lake Como and Garda-Innsbruck-Berlin-Warsaw-Riga-Pärnu-Tallinn-FINLAND.



Travelling with reusable nappies from Oulu to Barcelona / Kestovaippailu Oulusta Barcelonaan

As a passionate reusable nappy user I was requested to write about how we are using reusable nappies in Spain. I was given ‘free hands’ on what would I like to write on exactly. So at the end I had written two articles; one about our travel to Barcelona and using reusable nappies and the other about the culture of using reusable nappies in Spain.

Below the link to the article of the first mentioned topic:

Unfortunately the text is in Finnish.