Let me recycle, if I want to!

One universal issue with recycling – some people want to recycle and some not. Personally I do not understand why you have to ruin my desire to recycle eventhough you do not want to. In practise this means putting your rubbish into the wrong bin. This time it was the compost bin, which was used for mixed waste. Fair enough – you could not care less to sort out your waste and use the appropriate containers, but why to sabotage my recycling efforts too.

In the compost container had at least four rubbish bags amont compost waste. I took a photo to prove this. Photo might not be the best, but I think my point is proven.

And you have to remember this is only one compost bin – how many other vandalised compost or other recycling bins are there? Let me know!



Reusable fruit bags



During my years of United Kingdom I must of consumed hundreds of plastic bags. Everything is packaged in plastic bags of variety of sizes and it does not cost any extra. In Finland  you have to pay extra 10 cents for a bag in the supermarket, but not for the fruit bags. Some supermarkets are offering bio fruit bags and the reusable fruit bags. We have opted these ones, because I started getting frustrated how many plastic bags were being cumulated in our kitchen cupboard to store ‘possible use’. So we have now bought a collection of the Red Cross reusable fruit bags. Link for more information below:  https://www.punaisenristinkauppa.fi/tuote/T1650993/Kestopussit%20hedelmille%20ja%20vihanneksille?openGroup=819 . Bags would be easy also to sow at home, if you have got the skills and materials.

According to Red Cross if one in four Finns would use these bags in Finland we could save millions of plastic bags. Think how much if everyone in the world would be using them! Lets start a revolution!

We have the bags usually on the side pocket of my rucksack, so I will always have them with me. I do the food shopping in our household and we do by lots of veggies each week, especially here in Barcelona. Cherries are my current favourites and snacks! Photos are from yesterday when I found a organic green grocers from Hostafrancs Sense Intermediaris (http://goodgoal.org/review/sense-intermediaris/). Slightly more expensive than our local green grocers and no bio waste or reusable fruit bags… Maybe they should learn something from Finland!





week no.1 – heaps of waste


Above waste from this week. This iamiaai g another San Joan celebrations coca package and couple of plastic bottles, which I had already taken to the bin. A bit less waste than usually. Normally we head to Montjuic, Montserrat or Costa Brava for the weekend. Buying drinks or ice cream easily contribute a fair amount of waste. I guess we will not have this problem back in Oulu. It is only +13 c degrees there at the moment versus +30 c in Barcelona. Not missing Oulu at the moment!

We stayed in Barcelona for the weekend because of the San Joan celebrations. In Finland you would celebrate juhannus-mid summer. After Xmas it is the second biggest celebration. I guess at the spirit of San Joan or juhannus I also did overindulge with our food shopping, which accumulated to more than usual amount of biowaste. In the heat food seems to off a lot quicker than in the north plus bread goes stale. We buy bread on a daily basis from our closest bakery. It does not help either that we have found cockroaches among the cookerhood, where we kept our breads. Yök!