Environmental friendly products from Barcelona

I have found it challenging to find environmental friendly products from Barcelona. Correct me , if I am wrong, but I do feel that spaniards are not keen to recycle nor to be environmental. Many products are individually packaged in plastic or in multiple packaging. I will write another post about this on a later date.

Brita Taste of water in Barcelona is disgusting. I have rarely come across such a bad tasting water. After few weeks of battling with this issue and buying bottled drinks we bought Brita waterfilter from Veritas (http://www.veritas.es/) for 24e . It does include two filter cartridges, which need to be changed monthly. It has been worth for the buy also for our guests. I do wonder though if the waterjug needs to be as big? It takes over almost entire fridge door space…

Biodegradable baby towels- Biowipes When our baby O was born we received two packages of baby wipes. Although we did not want any gifts I was happy to receive some practical gifts for him. We still have almost one package left from these gifst after seven months. But in our weekend trips with the van I would only prefer to have biodegradable products only. I found these biodegradable wipes from one of the organic shops, but noticed that you can buy these from most of the shops.

Cotton puds – Masmi Small and disposable plastic items are, in my view, the most unsustainable products. That is why I was pleased to find 100% recycable cotton buds made of cardboard, paper and cotton. They seem good quality and stiff. I bought these ones also from Veritas.

Unfortunately the packaging of cotton buds, waterjug and baby towels are not 100% recycable. Cotton bud and Brita waterjug boxes are made out of cardboard, which is the only recyclable part of the packaging.



Travelling with reusable nappies from Oulu to Barcelona / Kestovaippailu Oulusta Barcelonaan

As a passionate reusable nappy user I was requested to write about how we are using reusable nappies in Spain. I was given ‘free hands’ on what would I like to write on exactly. So at the end I had written two articles; one about our travel to Barcelona and using reusable nappies and the other about the culture of using reusable nappies in Spain.

Below the link to the article of the first mentioned topic: http://kaikkikestovaipoista.blogspot.com.es/2017/07/lauran-perheen-kestovaippailu.html?m=1

Unfortunately the text is in Finnish.