Week no2 & no3; visiting guests

My posts have been delayed due to guets arriving to see us. Our time is running out in Barcelona, because we are leaving at the end of the month and heading to our adventures in Europe. Exciting!

Throughout the weeks our recycling and rubbish has kept on fairly continuous level – one black rubbish bin, one to two large compost recycling bags and a variety of bottles (glass and plastic). My partner does not drink water in Barcelona or hardly anywhere else, so we accummulate plastic bottles or cardboard packaging. Not even close to zero waste!

And the amount of bread, which we waste…. In Spain the bread goes off in a day, since it has not been added any preservatives. This can be also seen on our compost recycling, unfortunately. We will need to improve on this- a lot.

Another issue what I have noticed now when the temperature is approximately 30 degrees celsius is how fast fruits, veggies and dairy products go off. I have used to going to the shop once a week, but in Barcelona you need to shop veggies etc. at least twice or three times a week. Live and learn!


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